The Forth Bridge

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The Forth Bridge was opened on the 4th of March 1890 after 8 years of construction. This marvel of engineering is now an official UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be visited in a number of ways. On the Fife site at North Queensferry you can stop at the small car park which is positioned next to the bridge giving you a very close view. From the village you do get a more panoramic picture of the Forth Bridge.

Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge

On the Edinburgh side of the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry there is also an excellent view of the bridge.

You can also see the bridge by taking one of the Firth of Forth boat trips, and another perspective is to take a train trip over the bridge.

Forth Bridge taken from the harbour at North Queensferry in Fife

North Queensferry and the Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge and North Queensferry


The Forth Bridges seen from Blackness Castle

The bridges crossing the Firth of Forth as seen from the beach at Blackness Castle

Forth Bridge - Railway Bridge over the Firth of Forth

Bridges Firth of Forth and Blackness Castle

The Forth Bridges seen from Blackness Castle