Holidays in the Far North of Scotland

W Wick in Caithness is a busy town in the far north east of Scotland, not far from John O'Groats and close to the the Orkney Ferries.

Wick harbour is still important for fishing and other industries making it an important port as well as having a marina for yachts and local boats.

Wick Harbour Festival held in 2012

Wick Marina

Fishing Cottage near Wick with traditional wooden fishing boats in the garden

A cottage near Wick with old fishing boats in the garden

Around Caithness there are many historical places you can visit while based in Wick for a holiday and is probably one of the least visited areas of Scotland, other than John O'Groats of course. If you enjoy fishing then you will enjoy the range of fresh water lochs full of wild brown trout and the salmon fishing in the local rivers including the Wick River and the River Thurso, along with others within a reasonable drive.

Ackergill Tower

Ackergill Tower is a 5 Star Hotel with 28 guestrooms.

Pipers at Wick harbour

Pipers at Wick harbour during the 2012 Wick Harbour Fest. See photo art image of the pipers at Wick.

Lifeboat at Wick

Lifeboat at Wick Harbour. See the photo art image of this picture of the Wick Lifeboat.

Wick Harbour breakwater

Wick harbour entrance