Newburgh in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.

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Newburgh is a small and friendly Royal Burgh in Fife with spectacular views over the Tay estuary and Mugdrum Island. Dundee can be seen in the distance and if you walk up Ormiston Hill towards Lochmill you will discover amazing views looking up the River Tay towards the City of Perth.

Historically Newburgh had a linoleum factory and was closed in 1980 with the derelict buildings eventually demolished and the factory area levelled and grassed over for public use. There was also a salmon fishery that used traditional wooden boats to fish for abundant Salmon in the estuary area of the River Tay. With the reduction in salmon numbers and the emphasis on conserving salmon numbers on the river the net fishing for salmon ended.

The river walk along the River Tay is to be recommended for its lovely scenery and wildlife.

Newburgh in the early morning with the sun hitting Lindores Hill

Newburgh in the early morning looking towards Lindores Hill

Scotland & Newburgh Map - Historical Map - Map with Ordnance Survey

View over the countryside next to Newburgh

View over Fife and Perthshire from Newburgh.

Pipe band performing throught the streets of Newburgh

Pipe Band in the Newburgh High Street. The Newburgh Highland Games are traditionally run on the third Saturday of June.

Pipers at the Newburgh Highland Games 2005

Newburgh Highland Games

Carpow Late Bronze Age log boat Recovery - Newburgh 2006

Carpow Logboat being recovered at Newburgh in 2006

The Carpow log boat about to be lifted out of the Newburgh jetty.

Carpow Bronze Age Logboat being recovered from the River Tay

The 3000 year old log boat being recovered from Carpow on the River Tay in 2006.

Carpow Bronze Age Logboat - over 3000 years old

Carpow Log boat about to be lifted out of the Tay. A large crowd and reporters were watching this extraordinary event.

Carpow Bronze Age Logboat about to be lifted out of the river

The Carpow Log boat about to be lifted in its protective frame out of the river at Newburgh jetty.

Ballinbreich Castle near Newburgh

Ballinbreich Castle is one the coastal road a mile or so outside Newburgh

Ballinbreich Castle computer generated photo art

Ballinbreich Castle photo art image.

Sailing on the Tay Estuary

The Newburgh Sailing Club is popular with local sailing enthusiasts in Fife. Visit the website for more details

Apples growing in Newburgh Fife

Plums grow well in Newburgh

Home made jam for sale in Newburgh

Apples, Pears and Plums and other soft fruits grow very well in Newburgh and have been sold locally for many years and is now being promoted by the Newburgh Orchard Group see website Every year they organise a sale of home grown fruit from the many gardens in Newburgh that have orchards - it is a great way to buy organic locally grown fruit without the extra cost normally associated with buying organic. The history of growing fruit in Newburgh goes back to the historic Lindores Abbey which can be found on the outskirts of the town.

Lindores Abbey remains

The ruins of Lindores Abbey

Remains of Lindores Abbey

The ground where the remains of the Abbey is privately owned


Newburgh has a number of interesting shops, cafe's and several pubs. You are also close to several championship golf courses including St. Andrews. Newburgh has a lovely public park and a waterfront area where you can picnic or go for walks along the River Tay.

Old Fishing Boat

Old fishing boat at Newburgh jetty. Now gone as the "eyesore" was burnt during one of the Highland Games several years ago.

Old Fishing Boat artwork

Photo art image of the old fishing boat that was originally operated out of Arbroath.

The Bear on the Hill

The bear overlooking Newburgh is cut into the hill and often lit up during New Year. It is relatively new being made in 1980 as a local project.